I love the use of textures and vivid colours

"I met Rina at an auction for a sick friend, and was determined to bid on the painting Rina sponsored. I did buy it and when Rina delivered and hung the painting she gave me some ideas of her other works. I have now 4 of her creations, of which one was specifically made for [...]

I feel very satisfied

"I feel very satisfied with Rainy Day. It's much better live than in pictures. I put it in the bedroom. Even though it is a storm in progress, the subject evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation. That's great, thanks." Client from Morolo, Italy

Better than my expectations

I was introduced to Rina Ritzi by my Interior Decorator. I wanted to get some custom designed artwork for my house which we had just moved into. Rina came to my home and brought along examples of other work she had done to give me some ideas. I loved all her work, but as my [...]

SLOW Magazine – June 2015

With her creativity directed by her clients, I ask if working on commissions ever gets frustrating. Definitely not! I paint to create art that inspires, that adds warmth to an environment and generates joy and positive energy. People and their surroundings inspire me; they get the creative juices flowing. I love commissions because they give [...]

PREMIER Magazine – September 2015

“TCB Media is proud to be associated with Ritzi and honoured to display “Into the Future” in our Cape Town offices. As a next generation media company we hope to take the lead in this exciting new field where branding and art come together,” says Bernard Hellberg, Publisher at TCB Media. “Into the Future”- a [...]

The main attraction

"Rina showed me the piece she was currently working on. It was completely different compared to what I was looking for. However, this piece struck me and I immediately told her that I would like her to send me a picture of the finished work. She sent me a picture of my living room with [...]

It’s just too beautiful

"We are absolutely LOVING our painting!! We adore it. Each day I see something new in it and it’s just alive! Has so much movement in it. Our friends and family think it’s gorgeous too and all spend a few minutes looking at it in great detail. They all ask who painted it! So thank [...]

Absolutely delighted

"I wanted to let you know that we are absolutely delighted with the artwork. It looks fantastic" - Nigel Fielding, Portugal