“Painting is my life’s passion. I love the collaborative process of working with interior designers/clients to create the right piece of work for a specific area.”


As Rina Ritzi is primarily a commissioned artist, her clients are guaranteed exclusivity.

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Do your bare walls need a bit of excitement without blowing your budget? Find art you love, by setting up a free consultation with Ritzi.

At Ritzi we adhere to the Ritzi Guarantee – a code that you can hold us to, to ensure that you get the exclusivity you deserve.


I love the use of textures and vivid colours

"I met Rina at an auction for a sick friend, and was determined to bid on the painting Rina sponsored. I did buy it and when Rina delivered and hung the painting she gave me some ideas of her other works. I have now 4 of her creations, of which one was specifically made for [...]

I feel very satisfied

"I feel very satisfied with Rainy Day. It's much better live than in pictures. I put it in the bedroom. Even though it is a storm in progress, the subject evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation. That's great, thanks." Client from Morolo, Italy

Rina Ritzi


South African Contemporary and Modern Abstract Artist. All hanging wall art displayed on this website are mine, unless stated otherwise.