PREMIER Magazine – September 2015


In Fluid Art, In the Press, Textured Art Posted

“TCB Media is proud to be associated with Ritzi and honoured to display “Into the Future” in our Cape Town offices. As a next generation media company we hope to take the lead in this exciting new field where branding and art come together,” says Bernard Hellberg, Publisher at TCB Media.

“Into the Future”- a corporate focused abstract artwork, created by celebrated artist Rina Ritzi, proudly adorns the Cape Town boardroom of TCB Media. The 2.3 m x 1 m mixed medium canvas is a powerful example of how art can carry not only branding in colour but in message too.

TCB Media’s logo concept and design was the inspiration behind Into the Future. The artwork reflects the publishing house’s digital innovations and forward thinking. The symbols of wind, water, and the sky were used to imitate the winds of change with the logo portions using pebbles. The colour blue represents “trustworthiness” and brings a fresh feeling to the graphic symbol. The logo was also moved to the righthand side representing the flexibility of the organisation to accommodate change with the pebble pixilation representing movement and progress.

“Branding in today’s world is a symbolic representation of organisational values and dialogue. With the digital age, branding is no longer static, and abstract art allows the aligned messaging to be communicated in a way that can be visually interpreted by the consumer in an unusual way,” says Rina.

TCB Media, one of South Africa’s leading custom publishing providers is one of the progressive companies serviced by Rina Ritzi – an artist owned and run company that carries out commissions and also provides art for sale.