The Ritzi Guarantee is not only a promise, it’s a living testament of the services offered. Clients and followers of the Ritzi brand have been thrilled with the work delivered and their feedback serves as a clear indication of the level of commitment Ritzi has to her clients.

Buy or rent contemporary art and modern abstract art

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“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Rina Van Zyl, owner of Ritzi, which is a business inspired by the collaborative nature of van Zyl’s work aiming to make original art accessible while empowering creatives through a stable infrastructure and a sustainable income platform. Read more here.”

“When I started carefully unpacking the bubble-wrapped packages, I was unsure what to expect as I had only seen images online. Once unwrapped I saw the magic… I could see the artists’ well-worn hands, feel their fingertips smearing textured paste layer by layer across canvasses, prodding, pushing, coercing folds of texture and then brushing and wiping off a myriad of colours. Read more here.”

“TCB Media is proud to be associated with Ritzi and honoured to display Into the Future in our Cape Town offices. As a next generation media company we hope to take the lead in this exciting new field where branding and art come together,” says Bernard Hellberg, Publisher at TCB Media.

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“Inspired by nature, the Skin Collection, created by van Zyl and Siebert, is inspired by nature – the images have a 3D effect of coming out of the canvas. They wanted to create something that would move people’s hearts and instil in them a sense of awe for the beauty, details, and patterns found in nature.”

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“With her creativity directed by her clients, I ask if working on commissions ever gets frustrating. “Definitely not! I paint to create art that inspires, that adds warmth to an environment and generates joy and positive energy. People and their surroundings inspire me; they get the creative juices flowing. I love commissions because they give art a space.” It’s also exciting for her to work with her clients and for them to participate in the creative process, since the end goal is, ultimately, to create something that will be as personal for them as it is for her.”

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I was introduced to Rina from Ritzi by my Interior Decorator. I wanted to get some custom designed artwork for my house which we had just moved into. Rina came to my home and brought along examples of other work she had done to give me some ideas. I loved all her work, but as my wall space was very large we decided to go with a custom piece that would work in the space. She looked at all the colours already in the room took photographs and showed me colour swatches to make sure I was happy with everything. A few short weeks later she was delivering and hanging a beautiful piece – better than my expectations. I am definitely going to be buying more in the future and can highly recommend Rina to anyone who is looking for bespoke one of a kind artwork pieces. She is so talented and a pleasure to work with.

A few years ago my sister bought a painting at an auction that I like very much. Abstract circles in different colours on a white background. When I visited her again in December 2012, she told me the artist was living quite close and that we could visit her studio to look at a few of her paintings.

That’s when I met Ritzi and her other works of art. It’s difficult to decide why these pieces attract me: they are all extremely different. One thing they have in common is that light makes them live and changes the appearance of the paintings.

At the visit, Ritzi showed me the piece she was currently working on. It was completely different compared to what I was looking for. However, this piece struck me and I immediately told her that I would like her to send me a picture of the finished work. A few weeks after returning to the Netherlands, I got a picture of my living room with the painting “pasted” into it.

It’s the main attraction of my living room: a surrealistic explosion of red, white and black, changing it’s appearance as the sun turns or when in the evening the light is turned on…

I have visited Rina’s studio and her work is striking, different and tangible. Her art impacts its direct environment positively.


I met Rina at an auction for a sick friend, and was determent to bid on the painting Rina sponsored. I did buy it and when Rina delivered and hung the painting she gave me some ideas of her other works. I have now 4 of her creations, of which one was specifically made for us. All the works are very beautiful, and also very different. I love the use of textures and vivid colours.  I am a very happy customer and would recommend Rina’s work to all family and friends.

Rina has shown herself to be a dedicated professional, and is a pleasure to work with – and I love her art!

David Holtzhausen

I love the moving, sublime qualities in your abstract paintings. Each of your works is incredibly elemental. Using sensuous, romantic colors they convey a rich passion that is compelling. Collectively, your contemporary works are vivid, expressionist paintings that communicate profound feelings to the viewer.

Created specifically for this home by Ritzi, who is well known for her beautiful abstract art, this piece complements and accentuates the furniture and colours within the home. Ritzi beautifully captured the natural flow of water and natural stone outside in this piece, as can be seen grom the big windows in the hous overlooking the Bronkhorstpruit Dam – something the home owners specifically requested. – Christo Rademan, SA Home Owner Magazine

From the home owner:
We were building our holiday home and consulted Ritzi on ideas for wall art. She is very professional in how she conducts her business; she made extra effort to do samples for us that we could evaluate. She delivered on the date and time committed and the final paintings exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied with her work and will highly recommend her to anyone looking for art that is not just stunning, but made with passion and care.

Ritzi: Net ‘n e-pos om baie dankie te sê vir die mooi kunswerk en flinke diens. Ons waardeer dit baie dat jy die kleure van die skildery kon verander volgens ons keuse – dit lyk pragtig en pas mooi in by die res van die vertrek.

Dankie ook dat jy en jou man dit teen die muur kom monteer het. Ons sou nooit die 3 panele so perfek kon hang nie. As iemand die vertrek binne kom word dit dadelik raak gesien en kry jy baie komplimente.

Duane & Charmaine de Swardt
Duane de Swardt
Terason (Pty) Ltd

My first introduction to Ritzi was at her exhibition at Cultivaria 2007, where the textures and warm, vibrant colours immediately caught my eye. I invited her to my home and this resulted in two wonderful custom made pieces that have since attracted many compliments from visitors. Her art was complemented by attentive and personalised service – all in all Mijo’s offering of art and top-class service cannot be beaten.

Hugo Zeelie




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