Geometric modern art by Ritzi.

Geometric modern art by Ritzi’s portfolio created exclusively for clients for rent or to sale.

1. Geometric 1: AVAILABLE
2. Geometric 2: AVAILABLE
3. Geometric 3: AVAILABLE
4. Geometric 4: AVAILABLE

This portfolio showcases our love for vibrant colours and textures that fuel motivation and inspiration in the viewer. Working with warm tones brings an energy to not only the artist while creating the contemporary art piece, but also the viewer while experiencing the piece. Each piece has been created to evoke positive emotions and aims to motivate and inspire.

Ritzi uses mixed mediums on various backings and different textures to promote interactivity and evoke positive emotions. Each artwork is exclusive and unique by design and acrylic on canvas is the preferred medium used by the artist for this portfolio. Ritzi aims to create art that is both inspiring to look at as well as inviting to touch.

To find out more about the exclusive geometric contemporary art created by Ritzi, feel free to contact us.

These geometric modern abstract art, are not the only style Ritzi enjoys showcasing. Feel free to browse around the other portfolios listed below to see more of Ritzi’s modern contemporary art in various colours and mediums.


Buy and rent art by Ritzi

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